Our Events



HOPE ‘s Gala allows us the opportunity to give thanks and honor those who worked tirelessly to support our community.

Showers of HOPE &
Suds N Duds

Understanding the unfulfilled needs of our community is a specialty of ours. In 2019 we created Showers of HOPE with Shiloh Baptist Church, in order to offer mobile shower facilities to people who do not have access to them. Shortly after, we created Suds ‘N’ Duds, to help families who have to make a choice between food and laundry.

A Day

for HOPE

A Day for HOPE is a community call to action in recognition of World Hunger Day 2021. On May 28th HOPE Community Services will lead the charge to bring awareness and action to hunger in our community. Through a focused campaign, HOPE will raise consciousness and activism to fight food insecurity.