About HOPE

We'd like to share some important information about HOPE Community Services.

With the assistance and support of a host of volunteers, HOPE opened the doors of its first soup kitchen in 1984. Since its early days, HOPE has grown to become the largest emergency food pantry and soup kitchen in the region. Although HOPE Community Services was founded to respond to hunger in the community, it quickly became apparent that food was not the only thing our clients were lacking. Clothing, language skills, emotional support, immigration services, and other daily necessities were also needed. HOPE Community Services expanded its services to meet the needs of its diverse client population.


The "New Needy"

In the last 12 months the demand for our services increased by 44%.  Not only are the numbers increasing, the demographics are changing as well.  We are now seeing an increase in women with children, entire families, and elderly clients on a fixed income. 

These are people who have never been to a soup kitchen or food pantry before. They are the newly unemployed, people whose unemployment benefits have run out, people whose hours have been cut.  Many of these people are now being forced to choose between paying rent and buying food.

The Challenge We Face

Your Help Makes a Difference

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